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When they kicked down the door to the flat, they found him sitting at a desk, eating. With his back turned towards the door, he didn't even seem to notice the intruders.
"High Inquisition! You are hereby sentenced to immediate execution for committing an Unforgivable Sin, putting pin-"
"Yeah, yeah, save it. I was expecting you."
"Any last words, heathen?"
"I have nothing to say to corpses."
Three suppressed gunshots sounded through the flat.
He rose, grabbed the last slice of pineapple pizza, stepped over the bodies of three Inquisitors, and walked out.
There was work to be done.

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Jsem možná měl pořád tak trochu hlad navzdory snědení půlky pizzy (čtyři sýry, ananas bude jindy). BJB?


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Trochu netradičný výber hriechu, ale nájde sa veľa ľudí, čo by súhlasili :D

Já myslela, že no-one expects the spanish inquisition!:-O
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