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  • Isla Pucú


    “Ramirez, you speak Spanish?”
    “Hey, not fair. You think I speak Spanish just because my name is Ramirez?”
    “What’s wrong with that?”
    “I could be Hungarian. Or Slovak. Part of my family was from Central Europe.”
    “Eastern Europe.”
    “Ever seen the map? ‘Fcourse you didn’t. You’re American.”
    “Christ sake! So, you speak Spanish or not?”
    “Yes, I do!”
    “Great. What does ‘pasa pucu’ mean?”
    “¿‘Pasa’ qué?”
    “‘Pasa pucu’.”
    “Isla Pucú is a town in Paraguay. Have no idea what ‘pasa pucu’ means though.”
    “These tourists left this note here.”
    “Say what?”
    “‘Pasa pucu’ – Wait. – It's ‘pac a pusu’. – Ah, whatever.”

  • A New Line of Business

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    Co by mohlo nasledovat, kdyby jeden z dilu dopadnul uplne jinak.


    We weren't a happy family after the Film Flam fakers put us outta business. They left Ponyville after a year but it was already too late to restore our farm. Our trees were dead an' snakes found 'em an' started crawling all over 'em. It was clear to us that we needed to change the line of our work. Twilight figured it out and we got a new job: This pharmaceutical company from Baltimare buys the viper venom from the snakes we buck from our dead trees. Who'd have thought that Applebloom would get a viper for her cutie mark.

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