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...kapitoly se nám trochu prodlužují. A odkazy na různé časové zákruty se taky hromadí - uvidíme, jestli nakonec dostanu ucelený wibbly wobbly timey wimey příběh. Pokud ano, pravděpodobně mi ho bude muset některý z mých čtenářů hezky polopaticky vysvětlit :-)

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...protože ho pravidla vyžadují :-)

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Searching for the bottom

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Náhrada za téma č. 15: Na dně


"It's somewhere on the bottom," the Doctor rubbed his hands nervously.

"Tardis has a bottom?" Jamie seemed confused.

"Everything has a bottom, Jamie. Tardis has many - pool's bottom, the bottom of every control column, countless bottom drawers."

"Ah, I see" Jamie cheered up. "And you forgot on the bottom of what you left it."

"Yes, Jamie."

Sitting down, he sighed and blew a tune on the recorder.

"Oh, I remember," he jumped up and retrieved his favourite top hat.

"Where was it?"

The Doctor pointed.

"On the top shelf?"

"No, Jamie. Turn it upside down and it's the bottom shelf."

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A poslední drabble už skutečně nemá mnoho smyslu...

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Yet another normal day...


"Call me Stetson," the Doctor chew on a straw.

The bandits laughed.

"Stetsons are cool," the Doctor failed at a tough western accent.

He spat out the straw, frowning. They weren't properly impressed.

"I'm gonna make this place a clean town! When I leave, the law will stay!" He moved his stetson, attempting a mysterious smile.

The bandits stared open-mouthed.

Through blunder and luck, the town was saved. Soon after, the bored Doctor headed towards his Tardis.

"Hey, Stetson," a bullet missed him by inches. "You were wrong. The law left town with you."

His stetson falling, the Doctor ran.

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Time Lords' troubles


"I demand to know, how you got in!" The Doctor repeated grumpily.

"I regenerated," the woman kept shouting. "I can't find my tattoo!"

"Grandfather," Susan said. "You know the Corsair!"

"Yes, the Time Lord who ran away from the initiation after one look at the Untempered Schism," the Doctor smirked.

"I heard you think you're special," he continued. "With your Ouroboros destiny. Whatever that is."

"I'll do it - I have that kit from Marco Polo's expedition."


Smiling, the Corsair admired his Ouroboros tattoo.

"Thanks, old man."

"Still the first body, Doctor?" He continued. "Don't worry, you'll get something better eventually."

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Corsair je jeden z Time Lordů/Lady, co byl zmíněn v starých i nových Doktorech a v knihách. V každé inkarnaci měl/a tetování...

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Just another day

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Náhrada za téma č. 28: Co když řeknu ne?


Two men sprinted side by side.

"What do they want?" the Doctor asked.

"They demand everything."

The Doctor looked back, letting his experienced legs avoid obstacles. The aliens' seemed deadly, but those were just first expressions.

"Have you tried saying no?"

"Not really," the man answered.

They turned to face the creatures.

"We demand...," the two aliens started together.

"No!" The man said firmly.

The creatures leaned back, confused. They conversed in high-pitched squeeks.
Then, they turned to the two men, who barely dodged their weapons.

"Time for plan B," the Doctor thought. "And to prepare plans C to F."

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Lines of communications


"Professor," Ace distracted the Doctor from frowning at her deadly gear. "Why don't you have a phone or anything here? Even on Earth they got those cellphone thingies mere years after I was whisked off to Iceworld."

The Doctor looked from the blaster to her: "I have the spacetime telegraph."

"Telegraph? That's ancient technology even by my standards."

"Well, the Time Lords are a pretentious bunch. Mere communicator is below them."

"But why don't you have any?"

The Doctor smiled and tapped his nose conspiratorially. He left Ace's room.

"She's right. Maybe I'll get one of those cellphones one day."

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The Doctor's chair was strangely clacking as he wheeled it to a mirror.

"It could be worse," he mumbled.

The new body wasn't human. Although, give it millennia on alien worlds and the extra limbs, eyes, and ears could pass as human.

But he wasn't ginger. Granted, he had no hair, but the scalp could have been ginger!

Another mysterious click accompanied by a cracking noise came from his chair.

The Doctor didn't enjoy the morsel - maybe he had been human for too long.

"Wait, I didn't eat anything!"

He turned and bowed down, watching himself in the mirror.


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Death ends nothing


The Dalek and the Doctor acted simultaneously. The threat was eliminated, but the Doctor was hit. And the screwdriver died.

He staggered into his ship and sat down.

"Ouch," the Doctor jumped, before collapsing back into the chair.


The Tardis tried everything, but it couldn't save the Doctor's life.

Energy flowed from every piece of the Doctor's clothing. Tardis instruments sparkled for effect - many Tardis-wrecking regenerations taught him the Tardis needed protection.

"Ah," the Doctor luxuriated.

He didn't bother to stand up for the regeneration.

"Finally, my backside fits the chair!"

Although, a weird click came from down there...

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...navazuje na to

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A driver's dilemma


"Parking payment," a man proclaimed. "By death or taxes?"

The Doctor answered cheerfully: "Death."

"That never happened," the man stuttered. "Will you reconsider?"



The Doctor's smile froze. A wave of paper-waving people was approaching. Valiantly trying to retreat, he tripped some using his scarf and disarmed others with a childish smile. But the wave eventually swallowed him.

The torrent of benefit- and discount-riddled tax schemes was threatening to pierce his eardrums.

"I'll pay by providing new tax schemes," he shouted when the noise ebbed.

As they stopped to discuss the suggestion's legality, the battered Doctor crawled to safety.

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Diversionary tactics


"...beautiful beauty," the Doctor tried luring a Word Lord from his word dimension.

An immaculately dressed man appeared.

"I need help with someone from your lexical-driven dimension."

'Nobody No-one,' the Doctor mouthed.

"Nobody?" the confused Cat answered.

Another man appeared.

The Cat gasped.

"What do you want?" Rimmer snarled. "I'm saving the multiverse from a madman."

Rimmer nodded in the Doctor's direction.

"You and whose brain?" The Cat retorted.

"Me, Hilly's clever version."

"What?" The Doctor watched newcomers confusedly.

"I invented you to distract Rimmer."

"But...," the Doctor's illusion vanished.

"I can return to Red Dwarf," Rimmer said.

"Oh, no!"

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Word Lord je z pár pěkných doktorovských audiodramat...

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Tichý les


TARDIS stála uprostřed tmavého lesa a Doktor s Amy a Rorym se od ní pomalu vzdalovali.

„Co tu vlastně děláme, Doktore?“ zeptal se Rory.

„TARDIS zachytila nějaké tísňové signály.“

„Tady doopravdy někdo žije?“ zapochybovala Amy.

Po chvíli pátrání objevili jakési obydlí. Nebo spíš jeho zbytky, jako by bylo už dlouho opuštěné.

„Skener života hlásí nulu. To volání o pomoc už muselo být hodně staré. Vraťme se.“

A přece se na pěšině vedoucí k TARDIS všichni z neznámého důvodu otočili.

„Co tu vlastně děláme, Doktore?“ zeptal se Rory a měl nepříjemný pocit, že už se na tuto otázku zeptal mnohokrát předtím.

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What was that?

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...když už toho tenhle rok píšu tolik, tak přidám i nějakou tu drobnou hloupost :-)

Náhrada za téma č. 20: Shoď skopce z kopce


"Throw the ram down the hill, yes," the man repeated hopefully.

The Doctor frowned: "No, I don't understand."

"You don't know what is a tongue twister?"

"Yes, something like: 'He threw three free throws.'"

"That's not a tongue twister. How come you speak Czech so perfectly, but you can't get this?"

"Ah," the Doctor stretched to flip a switch. "Say it again."

"Cože? Sej it egen? Co to je?"

The Doctor frowned, probing his memory: "Znovu rekni."

"Shoď z kopce skopce."

"I see," the Doctor flipped the switch. "Now, what was the point?"

"I don't know," the man grinned.


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What's happening?


The years spent away changed Ace. It isn't just the professional soldiering - that only meant more explosives. There's something fishy about the way Ace is watching me and the Doctor. I need to keep an eye on her. But she mustn't find out...


Benny Summerfield certainly changed. There's something weird about the way she's watching me. Or was I just away for too long? Or is it my armour and blasters? No, something fishy's going on. Should I ask? No, better to follow her...


"Ladies?" The Doctor asked suspiciously.

"Just stretching my legs," they answered simultaneously, avoiding each other's gaze.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

...v knihách/audiodramatech Ace na několik let Doktora opustila, aby se vrátila s ještě více výbušninama. A Benny Summerfield je společnice sedmičky z knih/audiodramat - archeoložka z budoucnosti...

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At an end


I want to pay respect to the grumpy grandfather, to the clown and his recorder, to the dandy with his gadgets. To the great mind in a youngster's body keen on scarves and hats. Then, there's the cricket man and his love for sports. Running is especially dear to us. And when I say running, I mean running when I say so. Even the patchwork cat-loving loudmouth had his moments.

Please, these are my last moments. Let me make some peace.

I'm not stalling!

Also to the umbrella and musical spoons man - I could use that now. Ah, well...


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Getting home


"We've arrived."

Tegan looked at the scanner. It showed a white wasteland.

"This is Heathrow airport? They sure forgot to clean the snow!"

The Doctor hung his head.

"The old girl is a bit temperamental. But we'll get you home."

"You said that before," Tegan answered, her voice raising. "Many times!"

"You're being unfair," Nissa joined in.

"Of course," Tegan shouted. "You're on his side!"

"Look," Nissa tried yet again. "We'll get there - eventually. Just try to enjoy the trip."

"Yeah, I'll be more optimistic! I hope we die before I see Heathrow in yet another time," Tegan stormed out.

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A memorable meeting


The woman was wearing distinctly non-1960's clothes and carrying a stun gun. One that would no longer stun - it looked more like a multi-functional probe. Grandfather would approve.

"You're Susan," she gasped and hugged me.

"Sorry, I'm Doctor's...," she stuttered. "I mean, your..."

I remember her expression of pure joy. I imagine myself looking the same with David.

Then I noticed the tears.

"I'm Jenny, your...," she stammered again, but an explosion cut her off.

"Catch you later," she ran in the explosion's direction.

We never met again. A pity as she reminded me of the younger, less grumpy grandfather.

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Just another day


An explosion shook the room, scaring aliens. Humans just clasped their drinks tighter to prevent spilling.

"Why aren't you afraid?" A multi-legged creature asked. "Whole planets exploded during this war."

"We've got an arrangement," a human answered. "All parties leave us and survive."

"But you're defenseless! All humans do is... nothing."

"We used to be powerful, but did it help us?"

The man counted: "Daleks, Cybermen, Axos, Nestene. Others. If not for the Doctor, we'd be destroyed many times over. Better just dawdle."

Confused, the alien glanced outside: "Look, snow!"

"No, dust from a starship. Someone didn't honour the arrangement."

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To criticize dinner


"I'm not a fish!" Frobisher shouted.

"They're not that picky," the Doctor replied from the next cauldron.

"You said they eat fish."

"No, I said they eat anything that swims. You had to hunt those Gumblejacks!"

"I'm a penguin. I can't leave without tasting the best fish around."

Frobisher slapped his marinade. Several droplets ended on his face.

"Good sauce," he licked himself.

"Hey! There's something missing here!"

Their kidnappers frowned.

"What are you doing?" the Doctor hissed exasperatedly.

"Playing for time."

"Great, for what time? Until we're cooked?"

"Got any better ideas?"

"Ehm... Hey! The marinade's not good enough!"

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Frobisher je jeden z nelidských společníků Doktora (z komisků a audiodramat). Dokáže měnit podobu, ale je nejraději tučňákem...

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Helping the future

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Náhrada za téma č. 14, Pekelný zákazník


Clasping his lapels, the Doctor tried again: "Young man, I need a comparator."

"We sell electronics," the shop assistant squeaked, then turned and ran.

"What a rude man."

"I have one," said a man wearing a panama hat and a pullover with question marks. "Good I'm here. No time travel capsule components on 20th century Earth."

The Doctor tutted, studying the machine.

"Yes, this will do," he replied imperiously, but the man was gone.


The Doctor hanged his panama hat. Crossing out 'help with first Tardis malfunction' from a long list, he sighed.

"Why is this regeneration the responsible one?"

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Proper education


"Doctor, is that you?"

An old photo showed a scruffy man winking mischievously. The Doctor scowled.

"You know, Jo, I was a different man back then."

Jo rummaged through the Tardis library and frowned.

"All these university yearbooks say you left during the first year."

"Well, collecting yearbook appearances was more fun than collecting degrees. As was getting expelled - I wasn't too polite in those days."

"You've flunked out of more schools than I heard of and you scold me for failing A-level science?"

"Not scold, my dear, encourage. Now, be a good girl and go make tea or something."

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The art of damage control


The Doctor's satisfied smile froze, his hearts missed several beats.

Two children were gaping over his shoulder in terror, witnessing carnage no ten-year-old ever should.

"I have a story," he improvised quickly. "About sour grapes and sweet berries."

He talked and gestured, accompanied by his spoons. Soon the children forgot their terror.

"The sour defeated the sweet." he ended.

"So should you, candy isn't healthy."

"Was the story true?" A child asked.


"Were you the grape?"

"Who knows," he replied, winking.

Both children laughed and unwrapped a lollipop.

"Well, you can't win them all," the Doctor muttered and smiled.

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The Doctor is here



The man scrutinized him, taking in the innocent look of a young English gentleman. His eyes stopped at the celery pinned to the coat.

"I want to see the Doctor."

"Yes, what do you want?" the Doctor replied.

"I don't need a messenger, boy. I want the Doctor."

"Although, I am here to deliver a message," he added.

"Just move away."

Pulling out a gun, he shoved the Doctor aside. The Doctor stepped back, lazily waving his screwdriver. The weapon flew apart.

"I wish people stopped underestimating me," the Doctor sighed.

"Now, what message do you have?" He smiled.

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Clara byla ochotná pomáhat při záchraně vesmíru, ale aby byl osud jedné planety zcela v jejích rukou, to bylo nad její síly. Proto se vzdala všech dobrodružství a Doktora opustila. Ale byla to chyba. Teď už se nemohla vrátit k normálnímu životu, když věděla, co všechno je za hranicemi Země. Rozhodla se vrátit. A Doktor svolil, pod jednou podmínkou.

Kdesi ve vesmíru sledovala Clara Doktora, jak vyjíždí s tankem na pódium a nadšeně u toho drnká na kytaru. Nepříliš nadšeně klepla paličkami o buben. Kdyby věděla, že jeho podmínka bude hrát doprovod při jeho mezigalaktickém vystoupení, nikdy by se nevrátila.


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