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A Piece of Home


Yuzu thought he was ready. But as he waits for warm-up, he suddenly doubts himself. His ankle is not healed, he's had so little training, and this is the event of his life.

Everything inside him seizes up and he can't breathe. He feels so alone, the sole bearer of a nation's expectation. Not even the adoring crowd of fans helps.

There's sudden warmth against his back, a mere brush of arm that will look accidental on camera. Javi, right there behind him, with him. A piece of home.

Yuzu smiles, draws a breath. It's time to skate for gold.

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All Sins Shall Be Forgiven


Yuzu wishes he could walk away from this - desperate kisses in dimmed hotel rooms, urgent couplings that shatter Yuzu's every hope of ever wanting anyone else, sweet confessions Yuzu knows count for nothing.

Javi dates her. Javi loves her. Javi presents her to his family and fucking marries her. Still, he always comes back to Yuzu, crying into his arms, begging for understanding, for just one more night, for absolution.

Yuzu wonders when he will finally manage to say no. To love himself more than he loves Javi. To encounter an unforgivable sin. Sometimes, he's afraid the answer is never.

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Show Him The Ropes


"Would one of you please show Yuzuru the facilities, show him around?" Brian asks.


"Come now, not so many," Brian goads. Still no response.

"I'll do it." Sweet Javi, of course, who barely knows his way around Toronto.


Months later, Yuzuru and Javi are still running around together and Brian is surprised. He got a bit of the expected rivalry, but the intense friendship that seems to be growing alongside it is unusual.

Still, as long as it works.


Two years later, when Brian catches Javi kissing Yuzu in the locker room, he's not even shocked. Of fucking course.

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One Day


Some things, Yuzu keeps secret because he likes it that way - new costumes, competition strategy, the state of his injuries. The small Olympic rings tattoo below his right hipbone.

And then there's Javi, whom Yuzu keeps top secret because he must - their careers, sponsorships and dreams depend on it.

So when Javi kisses him all over his body, Yuzu keeps quiet, so nobody overhears him moaning Javi's name. And when they bask in the afterglow, Yuzu only has one mantra - one day, one day, one day.

He loves this man. And one day he'll shout it out to the world.

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A Dulled Blade


They talk about the depth of the field, the amount of new 'material' in skating. Yuzu feels like material that's been used so often it's fraying at the edges. A blade that's been sharpened one too many times. Off-balance.

His body hurts, but that's familiar. This new ache, it runs deeper. He stops, stares at the Spanish flag hanging right next to the rising sun.

Later that night, he calls.

"How did you keep going so long? How did you bear it?" he asks Javi.

There is silence at the other end. Then Javi says, voice rough. "I had you."

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Jako referenci dodávám tohle: I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Light Up The Sky


Javi’s life is what he's always imagined – lazy beach days, long nights with friends and family, a beautiful girlfriend and nothing to worry about.

And yet…

It all feels a little dull. Like something is missing.


One last time, Javi thinks, as he returns to Cricket before Europeans. He steps inside and there he is - all long, lean lines and breathtaking speed.

The moment Yuzuru turns to him, a brilliant smile blossoming on his face, is like the brightest star has lit up in the sky after months of darkness.

This, Javi realizes with a start, is what’s been missing.

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This is meh - aneb BJB. I started writing this and it turned into a 1.000+ words fic that's nowhere near done - I'll post it on AO3 when I'm done, bug me for the link if you want.

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The Moon, The Stars

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It’s everything. For him to do that, it’s like body, mind, the moon, the stars. Everything. – Brian Orser.

Yuzu and his quaxel (quad Axel, 4.5 rotations). Nobody has landed it yet, he's obsessed with it. Nemohla jsem si pomoct, takže oficiální drabble je v políčku na drabble, druhou část dodávám do závěrečné poznámky jen tak pro zábavu - double drabble (přesně 200).


"How are you today, Yuzu?" Brian asks him after warm-up.

"Good," Yuzu responds. His warm-up triples felt solid. "Nothing hurts."

Brian hums, then nods. "Quad Axel?"

Yuzu all but bounces. "HAI!"

"Get in the harness, then."

Yuzu frowns. He doesn't do harness. It's embarrassing. "But - "

"No buts. Safety first."

He grumbles, but obliges. Once in the harness, Brian signals for him to go. He picks up speed. Air whips through his hair, exhilaration pumping through his veins. He jumps. One, two, three, fou-

The harness straps bite into his sides, holding him up to avoid the crash.

"Again," says Brian.

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"Good!" says Brian.

Yuzu grins. This one was clean, with only the slightest tug from the harness.

Brian chuckles. "Go on, then."

Yuzu wastes no time getting out of the contraption.

He gives it his all, flying through his cross-overs. It's strange, setting up the normal Axel entry, but that's okay for now. He feels nothing but the wind, hears nothing but the blade as he leaps.

It feels like he's airborne forever.

Jason squeals.
"Wow!" yells Zhenya.
Gabby claps.
Brian high-fives Ghislain.

Yuzu stumbles down onto the ice, laughing, heart aflutter, so happy he could die.

"Again!" calls Brian.

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A Christmas Epiphany


"Isn't it a bit much?" Laura asks as they admire Madrid's Christmas lights. "Always training together - gotta be hard, no?"

Javi shrugs. "Yuzu's different. We can be rivals and friends."

"Didn't you say you even room together sometimes? How does that work?"

"It's... comforting. Knowing you're not alone." Javi is glad Laura cannot see him blush. They share a bed sometimes. Having a warm, familiar body to curl up against works wonders on both their sleep.

They walk in silence for a while.

"You're in love with him." It's not a question and Javi suddenly realizes Laura's right. As always.

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Build Me a Castle of Gold


The first time Yuzuru proclaims he wants Olympic gold, Javi chuckles. Kid is building castles in the air.

"Oh-kay," says Brian. "Let's see what's possible."

"I will win," Yuzuru repeats with such conviction that Javi almost believes him.


The second time Yuzu lays claim to Olympic gold, it's three months until PyeongChang and Yuzu can't walk. Javi loves him, but wonders if Yuzu might be delusional.


The third time, Javi doesn't doubt. When Yuzu looks at him in Saitama and says, "I will win in Beijing," Javi just embraces him in trepidation. He can hear the unsaid ‘or die trying’.

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Disembarking in Japan always takes Yuzuru by surprise. The furore, the security detail, the fans. Cameras flash, the press descending upon him like hungry wolves. Their golden boy has returned and everyone wants a piece of him. He's arrived.


His music ends and the arena erupts in cheers, Poohs raining down onto the ice.

"Tadaima!" The words slip out unbidden. He knows he's done his country proud.


It isn't until much later, though, lying in bed in post-climactic bliss with Javi's arms wrapped around him, that Yuzu feels like he's exactly where he's meant to be.

Held, loved. At home.

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* "Tadaima" = "I'm back home" in Japanese.

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In Heat

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Význam slova bicáček jsem tedy musela gůglit, ale nevím nevím, jestli mi tohle vystačí na bodík... ale pokud ne, tak neva, stejně to píšu spíš pro pobavení. :)


In training, Yuzu is mostly a blur in Javi's peripheral vision, but every once in a while, Javi glimpses the play of muscle on a perfect quad Lutz, the flex and stretch of a spin.

After practice, Yuzu collapses onto the bench next to him, head on Javi's shoulder. They're both gross, dripping in sweat, but as he pats Yuzu's rock-solid thigh, Javi wants.

He's been in love for a long time, but now, he's in lust. As black eyes bore into his and a small smile tugs at Yuzu's lip, Javi wonders if maybe he's not the only one.

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In Vino Veritas

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Setting: after the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona in 2015.
Fact: Yuzu absolutely doesn't drink in real life.
Also fact: Tohle téma mi dalo zabrat!


Yuzuru had wanted water, but the cellarman's scathing look made him accept the glass. "Must drink wine in Spain," he mumbled, then proceeded to rant about grapes.

Yuzu sips the wine. It tastes... new.


"Okay... bed," Javi says, unbuttoning Yuzuru's coat, pulling off his shoes.

Yuzuru is giggling about the stray curl on Javi's head. Then he has the craziest idea, the best idea. He grabs Javi's shirt, pulls...

Javi stops him with a palm against his chest. His eyes stray briefly to Yuzu's lips before he presses a kiss to Yuzu's forehead.

"Only orange juice for you next time."

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A Taste of Heaven


The first time Javi beats him at Worlds, Yuzuru can't quite believe it. It's surreal, walking backstage without the satisfaction of victory. There is bitterness in his mouth, like the wormwood mother makes him drink for upset stomach, and momentarily, Yuzuru wants to scream.

But then he sees Javi's face, the surprise, the pride, the sheer happiness as Javi steps towards him.

Suddenly, he's crying, even as he insists he's not, so afraid Javi will misunderstand.

"You're always the champion in my heart," Javi says, craddling him close, and Yuzu realizes that even the bitterest pill can taste like heaven.

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Inspired by this: (first hug) Also, Javi actually said that. IN REAL LIFE. Now tell me they're not in love.

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Breaking the Rules

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Vysvětlivky v závěrečné poznámce. :)


Certain topics are prohibited when your lover is your fiercest rival.

Your health.
When Yuzuru calls Javi from NHK, sobbing that "maybe I cannot go to Olympics," Javi doesn't think about how that improves his own chances. Instead, he talks nonsense until Yuzu falls asleep.

Missing each other.
When Yuzu is recovering, Javi calls him daily to say he misses his smile, his kisses, his hands, trying not to cry with longing.

What happens after PyeongChang.
"I'm retiring," Javi whispers before the medal ceremony.

"I can't do it without you!"

"You won't have to, cariño. I'll be right there. Always."

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NHK Trophy v roce 2017, zhruba tři měsíce před Olympiádou - this happened: Aneb Yuzu si dost ošklivě zranil kotník a koleno, načež dlouh nesměl trénovat, se skoky znovu začal asi tři týdny před Olympiádou... kterou pak suverénně vyhrál.

A ten moment na Olympiádě - - přibližně 0:50, Yuzuru reaguje s "I can't do it without you"... A ještě z jiného úhlu: - takes Yuzu quite a while to calm down after that, poor baby.

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Straight Until Proven Otherwise


Nudity doesn't bother Javi, a European. Neither do sweaty men undressing, showering, dressing... that's standard locker room business.

What bothers Javi is Yuzu peeling off skin-tight training clothes, Yuzu strolling around the lockers butt-naked, Yuzu going commando whenever they leave the rink together, the tease. Yuzu, who is now twenty, all new curves, muscles and Olympic-champion confidence, makes Javi very bothered indeed.

But Javi resists and remains Yuzu's friend, only a friend. Because Javi is not gay - or at least not until the night Yuzu slays him at Mortal Kombat, laughs, and then sits in his lap to kiss him.

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I Know a Place We Can Go

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Název drabble je z písničky "I Know a Place" od MUNA.


Yuzuru loves skating in Japan. Being in Japan, not so much. He cannot walk down the street unrecognized. It's like he has this "identity", this persona to live up to - Yuzuru Hanyu, two-time Olympic champion, quasi god. It feels fake.

For that, he loves Toronto. There, he can be just Yuzu. He can fall in practice without landing in the newspaper. He can sit in a cafe laughing at Javi's jokes. He can, when he's feeling particularly reckless, press his lips to Javi's neck as they ride the subway home. He feels like he can be himself - free and real.

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For a Piece of Glory

Úvodní poznámka: 

Kolektivní vinu jsem si interpretovala velmi doslovně. Pokud to nebude stačit na bodík, nevadí. :)


"How could you let him do this? He'll kill himself trying! You, Tracy, Kikuchi - you allowed this?! And the federation! Everyone wants glory, NOBODY THINKS OF HIM, YOU'RE ALL SELFISH!" Javi hangs up, breathing hard.

"Is not their fault."

Javi starts. He never heard the shower stop.

Yuzu limps towards him, careful now with the painkillers wearing off.

"Is me. I want to skate, at home. You'd do same."

Javi knows Yuzu's right, of course. He sags against Yuzu; anger, fear, concern and love making his knees weak.

"Just be safe," he pleads, although he knows skating is anything but.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Opět jsme na letošním mistrovství světa v Saitamě - Yuzuru Hanyu závodí poprvé po 4 měsícíh, v listopadu si totiž opět zranil kotník. Po mistrovství Yuzu přiznal, že poslední dva měsíce používal léky proti bolesti, aby vůbec mohl trénovat (stejně jako před olympijskými hrami v roce 2018).

Jo a btw, ta bad English v drabbli je záměrná, Yuzu nemluví moc plynule :D

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Cat Life

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Javier Fernandez/Yuzuru Hanyu.


Cats, Yuzu thinks as he watches Effie in Javi's lap, have such a life!

Not that life is bad, now. The days following a seasons' finish are always pleasant.

He just beat Javi in his favorite video game, his body doesn't ache, Javi's made him tea... Life is good... and yet...

Yuzu wishes he could do whatever he wants, like Effie.

You're World Champion, he reminds himself. Be brave!

And so when Effie abandons Javi, he stretches out on the couch, resting his head in Javi's lap.

Javi draws a surprised breath. Smiles. Then threads his fingers into Yuzu's hair.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Effie je kočka krasobruslaře Javiera Fernandeza (obviously). Javi a jedna z jeho koček:

Javier a Yuzuru Hanyu spolu dlouhé roky trénovali v Torontu. Yuzu poslední dobou několikrát zmínil, že jsou kočky jeho nejoblíbenější zvířata, protože jsou chlupaté a můžou si dělat, co chtějí... :D

Ten limit 100 slov mi letos dává zabrat, tohle bylo tak na 250 a z toho zkracování mi je úplně smutno. ;) Holt ješte nejsem úplně v drabblovacím módu.

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As the Light Wanes over the Battlefield

Úvodní poznámka: 

Drabble je o letošním mistrovství světa v krasobruslení v Saitamě. Favorit Yuzuru Hanyu se po úrazu po 4 měsících vrací na led, všichni mají vysoká očekávání, ale v krátkém programu udělá chybu, kterou od něj nikdo nečekal.

Video s intrem je tady (program začíná kolem 9min30sek):

m/m slash


It's late. Yuzu should be sleeping, but he keeps the lights ablaze as he watches. The video ends and he hits replay. There it is again - the popped quad sal.

He tells himself it was the ankle, but he knows better. It's the first Worlds without Javi. It felt like entering a battlefield without an ally.

The tears start rolling.

A knock on the door. A familiar voice. "It's me."

Yuzuru hesitates, shocked by his sudden yearning.

In the end, he lets Javi in.

"Rest, cariño", Javi murmurs as he kisses away the tears and turns off all the lights.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Javi = Javier Fernandez, špaňelský krasobruslař, který letos na mistrovství Evropy ukončil svou kariéru. Yuzuru a Javier spolu dlouhá léta trénovali v Torontu a byli blízcí přátelé, ačkoliv mezi sebou neustále bojovali na závodech. Na mistrovství světa už letos Javi nezávodil, byl pouze v publiku.

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Nadšení pro led

Poznámka: Založeno na několika faktech, ale pořád je to fikce. I když myslíte si, že Johnny se vzdal koní, aby dal přednost krasobruslení kvůli krasobruslařce?

Zima přišla náhle, dokonce tak, že zamrzla voda, která zůstávala na poli po vytrvalých deštích. Kluk od sousedů tam chodil bruslit. Johnny se s ním moc neznal, jen se zdravili, ale byl pro něj vzor. Vynikal ve sportech, byl krásný a oblíbený. Když rodiče zpozorovali jeho zaujetí tím sportem, pořídili mu brusle. Učil se na tom tenkém ledě, když tam Tom zrovna nebyl.
Johnny opět bruslil, když přišel Tom. Bál se, že se před ním shodí, ale on mu radil, povzbuzoval ho a v rámci učení ho držel za ruky. Tohle byla velice silná motivace. Krasobruslení se stalo jasnou volbou

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Fucking Weir(d)

Řekla bych, že je drabble nevhodná pro osoby mladší 12ti let.

When I met Johnny Weir, I almost got fooled by the make-up, the delicate features, the high-heels. He could pass for a woman. Maybe that's why it was easier for my brain - I could almost imagine kissing him without feeling guilty.

When I did kiss him, there was no guilt, just desire. He felt nothing like a girl… His seemingly smooth face scratched with tiny stubs, his leg-hair tickled. His hips were firm and narrow - fucking him without our hipbones clashing took some practice.

Johnny was a man - and the sex was better than anything I had ever experienced before.

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Spravedlnost musí být

fandom: krasobruslařské RPS, pár si odhalte sami, a je to náznakový pre/slash
poznámka: stydím se, protože jsem to nevěděla. abych své provinění odčinila, napsala jsem tohle. myslím, že si to o to skoro říkalo :) respektive, jakmile jsem si přečetla poznámku o olympijských hrách, bylo jasno jak za letního dne
věnování: Kleio, za její úžasné a dokonalé krasobruslařské slashe :)

Stál sice na stupních vítězů, ale spokojený nebyl.
Tolik doufal, že se mu po dlouhé přestávce v kariéře podaří vrátit jako šampionovi...
Víra nebyla k ničemu. Skončil jako druhý.
Ten zatracený Američan ho předešel.
O pouhých šest desetin bodu.
A žádný čtverný skok.
K čemu je pak všechna snaha, a celé jeho divadelní umění?
Potlačil chuť zavrčet.
Pak mu pohled padl na houslistu Edvina Martona, sedícího v první řadě.
Tmavovlasý muž zvedl ruku a zamával na něj. Jeho oči se zatřpytily ledovým odleskem.
Evgeny si vzpomněl, co se povídá o štěstí ve hře, a usmál se.
Tomu se říká fairplay.

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fandom: RPS, krasobruslení (dosaďte si libovolný Czech/international pár)(já sama mám některé tipy, pochopitelně)
rating: ještě asi pro všechny
varování 1: omlouvám se všem, kdo neovládají imperiální jazyk anglický, ale jinak to tu nešlo (a ano, inspirovala jsem se Estriel)
varování 2: omouvám se všem za vložení druhého drabblu na stejné téma, a rozhodně za něj neočekávám bod navíc, jen jsem prostě napsala dva a zaprvé jsem si mezi nimi nedokázala vybrat a zadruhé mi nakonec přišlo i škoda jedno vůbec nevyužit. je to jen pro vaše potěšení. doufám, že to není moc proti pravidlům, ví Bůh, že už jsem se je trošičku opovážila porušit.

„ Well, once again. Třista třicet tři stříbrných stříkaček stříkalo přes tři sta třicet tři stříbrných střech.“
„ I will never remember it,“ namítl nešťastně.
Světlovlasý mladý muž se usmál.
„ You definitely remember what I promised you, don’t you? After you’ve learned this?“
„ Of course I do. But...“
„ Try it. It will be worth your effort,“ mrkl na něj.
Jeho společník mu položil dlaň na stehno a nenápadně ji posunul výš.
„ Are you sure you want to wait?“ zašeptal.
Ruka jemně stiskla.
„ You won,“ zasténal a vzdal se. „ We will shorten it. Třicet stříbrných.“

Obrázek uživatele Kleio

Stačí zaklepat

Nervózně sledoval hodinky. Než se vteřinová ručička přemístila na další pozici, uběhla věčnost. Nevěděl přesně, jak dlouho se po dlouhé hotelové chodbě prochází, nicméně měl pocit, že uběhlo století. Hodinky lhaly. Tvrdily, že je to teprve pět minut.
Toužebně se zadíval na druhý konec ztemnělé chodby, pohledem míjel nekonečné množství dveří.
„Seber se!“ okřikl se. Znovu prošel chodbu až na konec.
Nádech, výdech a znovu.
Konečně sebral odvahu a zaklepal.
Mučivě dlouhou chvíli se vůbec nic nedělo. Chtěl se vzdát, utéct, zmizet. Ale v tom se do tmy prodral slabý proužek světla.
Tenhle zvuk mu rozbušil srdce.
„Come in…“

-A A +A