At sea

Obrázek uživatele Owlicious

Wywern sighted smoke shortly before noon.
The scout ship was on a patrol, not to engage anyone, just to gather intel and carry it ashore.
Thinking it was merchant ship in trouble, she went to investigate.
Seeing what it really was, she tried to run back to the shore.
Beating upwind, Wywern was slow. The smoke-spewing thing didn’t mind the wind.
Wywern’s crew started praying as it closed in, seeing its sides bristling with run-out cannons.
HMS Delthak passed, attacking the small craft with nothing but a stench of smoke and shrill sound of steam whistle carried by the wind.

Závěrečná poznámka: 

HMS Delthak je první "ironclad" - loď s kovovým pláštěm poháněná parním motorem - která kdy byla na Safeholdu vyrobena.


Drabble bohužel neuznáno, nesplňuje styl drama (divadelní hra).
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