14. Not Like We Planned

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Objectively speaking, he wasn't in the sheikh's services for too long. And yet, it seemed like ages. Normally he would have had assistants do the sort of trivial, even menial work that now filled his days. And telling himself, that it is only temporary was little comfort. His patience, great though it has been, was wearing thin. And the fact, that he still wasn't able to quite shake "Koba" was adding mightily to it.
"Rubban, the sheikh would like a word," one of the servants bowed in the door. "He's in the gardens."
"Thank you, Ari, I will be there presently. I wasn't aware the sheikh was back already..."
"The convoy came back half an hour ago."
Seems like the 'trips' are going better every time. Or at least quicker... I suppose they can be that, if they are not successful too. Koba's voice sounded gleeful in his mind.
Mawhub opted not to answer and instead wiped his hands and brushed off the caftan, heading into the gardens.
"My sheikh, welcome back. How did the expedition go?"
"Remarkably well, master Mawhub, remarkably well. I believe we brought back more work for you. But worry not... this time, I have something other than simple rocks and baubles for you."
The sheikh gave a signal to one of his guards and a moment later captain Abdul appeared, leading a young woman.
"What do you think?" the sheikh asked with a smirk.
"You already gave me a wife... and I have no need nor desire for a concubine," Mawhub replied.
"I know. Which is why I brought yo neither of those. This one... well, Amir Farouq said, she has some 'skills' that you might find interesting. I believe she could be of help with your work."
Hmm, a woman in the workshop. That sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? What could possibly... oh, wait. Now the voice in his head was positively mocking.
"I am better off working alone, my lord," Mawhub shook his head. "Thank you for the thought, though."
"With our progress, dear friend, I will need you focusing on the big things. You can explain to her the small stuff and let her deal with it. I will even give her a separate room, if you prefer."
It took a moment of an inner battle, but Mawhub decided to comply. After all, his thoughts earlier were not too far from what the sheikh was proposing now.
"Very well then," he nodded and beckoned towards the girl. "What is your name?"
"You can call me Zaria."
"And what was it that you did for Amir Farouq, Zaria?"
"I kept him and his household in good health. And I warned him against hidden dangers," she shot a dirty look in the direction of the sheikh. "Not that he would always listen."
Mawhub's lips twitched in something that might have been a smile.
"I see. Let's find you something to do here, then."
With that he bowed to his employer and beckoned Abdul to let her go.
"Have your wife talk to the lady of the house about setting up quarters for your new assistant, Mawhub," the sheikh added as an afterthought. "That way she won't get jealous."
The sorcerer didn't turn around as laughter sounded behind him, just shook his head.
"You know, there is a charm for that too," Zaria spoke up unbidden. He frowned at her and she seemed to have realized her mistake, dropping her eyes and falling silent once again.
She's intelligent, isn't she? A pity she doesn't have more spunk. Might have been interesting, his doppelganger decided to fill the silence. Unfortunately, it took quite a lot more than just a stare to shut him up.
"Tell me, girl, have you ever worked with artifacts?" Mawhub asked as they entered the 'workshop'.
"Sometimes," she shrugged. "People have no idea what they stumble upon, sometimes. Or how dangerous unchecked magic, even in objects, can be."
Her green eyes scanned the room and he suddenly regretted taking her there without putting some of the more volatile pieces away first. He hoped she won't be able to identify most of what he was doing, but he wasn't about to underestimate her.
"Why don't you start with the new stuff, I bet you already know some of it," he decided to distract her, nodding towards the three boxes that appeared by the door while he was out.
"One of the guards can carry them in for you, if they're too heavy."
She nodded and went back out. He quickly cleaned up the main things and sat down, turning so that the door were in his field of vision.


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Jsem docela zvědavá, jak se odtamtud plánuje dostat.
Líbí se mi, že má mladá čarodějka zelený oči, protože to je geograficky správný detail :)

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