Childhood Friends

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She looked up, tears running down her face stricken with disbelief and fear. She struggled feebly against the restraints.
"Why? Why are you doing this? And why me? I thought you were my friend!"
He chuckled while sharpening the knife.
"I suppose you're expecting to hear some sob story about childhood abuse, a pedo uncle or something like that. Or maybe that I've always loved you, but I knew you would never see me as more as a friend, and this is the only way that we'll always be together."
He chuckled again.
"The truth is, I just like killing."


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Ale no fuj, to je mrazivě ostré!

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No a to to ani nebylo, co jsem mel v planu napsat :) tedy byl to muj puvodni napad, ale pak jsem v euforii ze setkani po letech a s troskou ethanolu v krvi chtel napsat neco trosku vice "sappy", ale po prijezdu domu se mi povedlo skoro okamzite usnout, takze na to nedoslo. A rano uz mi to neprislo jako tak dobry napad.

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