The Talk, part two

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"Then what's going on, Regina?!" Emma waved her hands around, spilling some of her drink.

"It's not something that I should talk about."

"Oh, like some forbidden theme."

"More like none of your business," hissed Regina.

"We share a son, Regina. Whatever you are and Maleficent doing is going to affect him and therefore me."

"Alright then. Lily is my daughter."

"!" gapped Emma.

Regina gave her the look. And Emma in her mind had to admit to herself that she knew nothing of dragon-witch reproduction.

"If you agree, we should tell Henry together."

"I suppose we should..."


Obrázek uživatele Lady Lestrade

I didn't get in the canon far enough to fully grasp the context, but I like the way how it's written. :)

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OMG, my OTP is real O_O. I love you.

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