Good by comparison

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Warnings: Strong language, spoilers for seasons 1-3


Dean Fogg stared blankly at the pile of paperwork.
Goddamn Library and their bureaucratic stranglehold on magic. Makes one miss the good ol' days when all we had to worry about was the fucking Beast.
The Dean paused. Did he really just call thirty-nine fucking lifetimes of suffering and death good old days?
Yeah, I guess I did. The kids who killed the Beast managed to create a chain of fuckups fixed by even bigger fuckups. Bored gods, mad gods on the loose, and who knows what they fucked up now when fixing magic.
Time to crack open another bottle.

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That went worse than expected. BJB, I guess.


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Četla jsem to hned ten den, ale zapomněla jsem to okomentovat. Náhodou je to dobrý, hodně se mi to líbí. A samozřejmě plusový body za fandom ;)

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