11. Stake-out

Obrázek uživatele Blanca

“I am getting too old for this,” Owl sighed and shifted in the seat. He and Raven spent the last couple hours in the tearoom the deceased girl frequented. The big cushions on the low podium were supposedly made for comfort, but they provided little in terms of back support. Unfortunately, they were the only place that afforded the view of the whole space.
“I'd spare you, if I had any idea what to look for,” Thorne replied with a shrug, draining another small cup of a strong touareg tea, and once again scanning the patrons in the room with keen eyes.
“Jewelry that looks similar to the medallion, or someone selling/offering something that might be magical,” Owl repeated for at least fourth time. He lifted his own cup to his lips but left it hanging midair, as the door opened and four new people came in. Their appearance screamed art college students and it was obvious they were at home in the room. The staffer behind the bar greeted them cordially but dropped his voice immediately and both him and the newcomers stole furtive glances at the two agents.
“Seems we have taken their spot,” Raven remarked without looking anywhere in the group's direction and continued speaking, relating the first anecdote he could think of just to keep up an appearance of a friendly chat. Owl dutifully joined in as the students made their way closer and took seats at one of the tables under the podium.


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Nevím, jestli jsem se měla smát, ale směju. Mám ráda tvůj cit pro detail a lidský reakce. Agenti zasedli studentům uměleckého oboru místečko! Omg :D
Thorne pije touarega. Musíme pořídit touarega do kuchyňky.

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