1. Things in the Dark

Obrázek uživatele Blanca
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Povídka bude psána v angličtině, přeložená nultá kapitola (drabble) je v souhrnu (a na začátku) první kapitoly.

První kapitola je bezpečná, ale celé dílo bude mít rating 15+.


If old Koba read stories he might have noticed they often begin with the hero waking up.
He, however, was trying to fall asleep.
And he was no hero.
Moreover, his story wasn't beginning, it was ending. But Koba didn't know that. Luckily, because his mood was foul enough as was.
The screaming from the last cell bounced off the stone walls of the hall and cut into his ears.
They brought the prisoner in after dark. His head covered by a sack.
“Don't look under that sack,” they ordered.
But now he will have to, right? How else would he see how many teeth he knocked out of the yeller's mouth with a first strike?
He rose heavily from his bunk and reached for his cudgel.

Before he crossed the distance to the last cell, he changed his mind. After all, he was no spring chicken and this was not the first prisoner that came with instructions that were – somewhat – out of the ordinary. And it usually didn't pay to disobey those instructions. The cudgel will do its work, and his jailer job was worth more than his curiosity. He made a point of dragging the heavy cudgel across the bars of every cell he passed. The few prisoners that were still conscious enough, or not entirely apathetic shrunk at the sound to the furthest corners of their cells. But the yells and screams didn't stop. They didn't even waiver. Maybe the prisoner couldn't hear his doom approaching over them. Not that it mattered too much to Koba. What mattered was to finally shut the obnoxious mouth up.
He banged the fistful of keys against the last door before inserting the right one into the lock and turning it. The screams went on without a change.
“Shut your fucking unclean hole you bastard!” Koba yelled as he jumped (with an agility surprising in a man of his age and stature) and brought the raised cudgel down on the prisoner's back. The blow connected with full force… and it might just as well have landed on a stone wall. Koba let go of the cudgel as it reverberated, sending a sharp shot of pain through his wrist.
“Son of a...” he started to curse, clutching his injured limb, when the screaming abruptly stopped. The human shaped figure, up until then seated on a stool, toppled sideways and shattered on the stone floor. Koba blinked a few times, the shock of it breaking even through the pain.
He took a step forward and nudged the 'head' that was still ensconced in its sack, with his foot. It rolled over and around a bit, then stopped. In the silence that fell on the prison Koba could hear a gulp – and realized only belatedly it came from his own throat.
This was… beyond bad. He only knew one thing for certain. He was not supposed to kill prisoners. Any of them. In fact, he was directly responsible for them surviving. For interrogation or execution, or anything else… his masters needed – wanted – them alive.
But this… this was a statue. It wasn't even 'alive' to begin with... his mind argued.
It screamed though. And it seemed pretty lively as they dragged it in before... another, more rational, voice responded.
Maybe I could just… say it fell over on its own… noone would be any the wiser...
“Well, you keep silent until the morning now, bastard,” he said after clearing his throat, loud enough for all of the other prisoners to hear. “Or else I'll give you some more to scream about.”
And, just to bolster up his newly emergent courage, he gave the head one last kick – more of a push, really. But as he did, his shoe caught on the lacing of the sack and somehow it slid off.
Koba stopped and stooped to replace it… he didn't really want to look, but leaving it uncovered would be suspicious. As his hand brushed against the surprisingly smooth stony surface, a green light filled the space suddenly. Despite himself, Koba felt his eyes more and more drawn to the source of that light – actually, part of his mind realized, there were two sources. They must have been emeralds shaped like eyes… or eyes glittering like emeralds under the hot noon sun of the desert? Whatever they were, once he looked at them, Koba couldn't turn away. He struggled for a moment… and then stopped. He drew himself up, lifting the orb to keep the contact. He could feel his spine straightening, drawing to a height he didn't have for the last… twenty years. He felt his joints and muscles loosening, gaining back all the flexibility age has taken from him. He felt his ears perk up and his hearing sharpen. And if he focused on such trifles, he might have noticed his thinning hair were no longer all that thin.
Last of all, he felt his mind expand and transform. He was never much of a thinker, or a scholar to begin with. But now he felt like the knowledge of the whole world is right at his fingertips. Those fingertips, that were still holding the orb, the light of which was slowly… so slowly… fading. As the two emeralds became mere flickering embers and finally died, Koba let his arms fall. He looked around the small, confined, dirty, smelly space and his mouth curled in contempt. He quickly replaced the head into its sack, grabbed the discarded cudgel and keys, stepped out and locked the barred door.
“Maybe this is a beginning after all,” his mouth said with a voice that certainly didn't belong to old Koba and in a language he never spoke. “A beginning of a beautiful… friendship.”

Závěrečná poznámka: 

Absolutně netuším, jestli se mi tuhle linii podaří rozjet, nebo mi pravidelné psaní spíš bude sloužit pro dlouhodobě rozepsanou M&M dějovou linii, která by se ovšem do Padesátky nekvalifikovala. Uvidímež.


Obrázek uživatele Tess

Mnoooo... jsem hrozně zvědavá kam to nakonec zapadne! Souhlasím, že by SE mělo víc psát!

Obrázek uživatele Blanca

Chichichi... no, mohlo to jít spoustou směrů. Ještě uvidíme, jestli se to (jako všechny moje příběhy) spíš časem rozštěpí, nebo jestli to zůstane vzorně lineární.

Obrázek uživatele Elluška

Ale já mám ráda všechny artefakty.
Moc se mi líbí, že jsi přeložila nultý drabble :) Má to šmrnc. Závěr je pěkně creepy :D Je blbý nechat se posednout. Ale muset bejt uvězněnej coby zelený světlo v šutru je blbější.

Obrázek uživatele Blanca

Jo, bejt zelený světlo v šutru je na houby. Ale jako krátkodobý řešení dobrý, ne? Hlavně když potřebuješ někoho posednout...

Obrázek uživatele Elluška

... potřebuje asi lepší PR? Jsem nějaká rozhořčená, že lid málo čte M&M, přitom je to tak dobrý. Bojí se číst anglicky? Já myslela, že dneska každej umí anglicky aspoň nějak. Možná by potřebovali vědět, čím je to inspirovaný, a že se můžou vyžívat v hledání paralel? Každopádně Blanca a Thorne potřebujou víc komentíků a vůbec lásku a pozornost. Když si vezmu, kolik energie a soustředění do toho Blanca vkládá. Šiřte osvětu, kurwa mać.

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Jé, to zní dobře!

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