Light Up The Sky

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Javi’s life is what he's always imagined – lazy beach days, long nights with friends and family, a beautiful girlfriend and nothing to worry about.

And yet…

It all feels a little dull. Like something is missing.


One last time, Javi thinks, as he returns to Cricket before Europeans. He steps inside and there he is - all long, lean lines and breathtaking speed.

The moment Yuzuru turns to him, a brilliant smile blossoming on his face, is like the brightest star has lit up in the sky after months of darkness.

This, Javi realizes with a start, is what’s been missing.

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This is meh - aneb BJB. I started writing this and it turned into a 1.000+ words fic that's nowhere near done - I'll post it on AO3 when I'm done, bug me for the link if you want.


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I hope this 1000+ fic will be done soon.

Obrázek uživatele estriel

Working on it. It's emotionally draining to write.

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